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Our Story

The Muzic To My Ears Story

We are creatives, we are jive turkeys, we dance to the beat of a different drum!   Muzic To My Ears, What does it mean? I'm sure you've heard the saying "music to my ears", by definition; it's something that is pleasant or gratifying to hear or discover. Imagine a life that's the epitome of this saying!

  Muzic To My Ears was born from a love of creativity, good music, and freedom of expression. In all we do it is our goal to encourage and inspire wild creativity and never ending expression. To live in ones truth is the greatest gift!   We are strong advocates of of blasting good music, staying true to ones self, and and living in tune with your rhythm and flow.

Muzic To My Ears creates music inspired Apparel, Accessories, and Home Goods for modern creatives. MTME originally started out as a handmade jewelry line in 2010 and has now expanded and will continue to expand.  
Go out there and create, live in your truth, and live a life that's muzic to your ears!

Zoe Joy