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Here Comes the Sun and New Arrivals


He comes the Sun. The flowers are in bloom, the sun is bright and the mariposas are migrating, it must be Spring!


As a gal that suffers from SAD, The winter months can be a little difficult for me, even in Southern California. The moment when the seasons changed, I felt it in my heart.

It was a beautiful day, well that is until it rained and hailed... What are you doing to me sunny California!? But even still, it was a feeling unlike anything I’ve felt in a long time!

There’s something about the sun, the flowers, the trees, and the butterflies. I could go on and on, so before I nerd out on the hippie lingo, it’s simply musical!


But speaking of music...  Muzic To My Ears is bringing in some newness for Spring featuring Gold Filled and Sterling Silver faux piercings. Want a piercing without the actual piercing part? No one will be able to tell that these septum rings, nose rings, lip rings, and cartilage cuffs are fake! 

Check out the new arrivals HERE

MTME accessories featured

Crescent Moon Faux Septum and Sun Choker Necklace 

I just want to wish you a happy Spring!

 And here is a happy happy Spring Hula Hoop Dance  for you.


Live a life that’s muzic to your ears!


Zoe Joy - Owner/Designer of Muzic To My Ears 


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