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The Happy Self Improvement Workbook 1

The Happy Self Improvement Workbook  –  $10.00


A friendly creative workbook that helps you find yourself, love yourself, and create yourself.

If you want to improve your life, then this workbook will be your new BFF!

The Happy Self Improvement Workbook helps you set sustainable, achievable improvement goals.  This 30 page workbook is filled with fun exercises that keep you on the right path to self improvement, even when you stumble or want to give up! This workbook breaks your life into 8 categories: self, health, relationships, home, work, fun, contribution, and personal growth to see what areas of your life can use improving.  With accountability exercises, tools, and advice, it’s your best friend in your self improvement journey!


Best of all, it helps you create an action plan to really achieve your self improvement goals!


The Happy Self Improvement Workbook:

• Achieve self improvement in a healthy, sustainable manner
• Understand yourself better
• Find out what areas of your life can use improvement to create balance
• Gauge where you are in your life
• Learn how your past influences your present and future
• Do creative exercises that guide you to self improvement
• Make actionable, attainable goals that improve your life and cause lasting change
• Create good habits in your life as well as get rid of bad ones
• Schedule tasks that get you closer to your goals
• Get accountability tools and encouragement for when you want to give up



•  Coloring pages that promote a relaxed and creative mindset
• Wheel of life to help you create balance in your life
• Assessment of your past, present, and future
• Creative and fun assessments in 8 different areas of your life
• Goal Setter
• Self improvement action plan
• Self improvement motivation


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This is a digital file that you print as many times as you like for you own personal use.

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