Most popular Posts for Girls – MTME’s 1 year Anniversary

12 Most Popular Posts for Girls

This is a very special post celebrating The Muzic To My Ears Blog’s 1st Anniversary by recapping MTME’s most popular posts for girls!



This month is the month of dreams on the Muzic to My Ears Blog (as a part of my 12 month self improvement plan). We’ll be talking all about our dreams this month.  Today is extra special for me because today, Muzic To My Ears turned one!  Yes we’ve been doing it big for one year!  Being that this is the month of dreams, I’m so happy to celebrate a dream of mine, this blog.  I have made it my mission to inspire girls to be the best they can be! It’s been such a lovely experience, though it hasn’t gone without its ups and downs.  It’s so humbling to look back on this year of writing, sharing, giving and listening.  Some of you have told me that I inspired you and that means everything to me! It’s amazing how we can share our experience of life and touch others.  But truly, I have been inspired by you.


All I can say to those that have supported this blog and the wacky girl behind it is thank you!  Many more years to the Muzic To My Ears tribe of go getters, weirdos, and delirious dreamers.  Today, I’d like to do a little recap of this year of and share with you 12 of MTME’s most popular blog posts for girls.  Throughout the course of the year, I’ve put out many a blog post, and  I love them all because they’re all my babies; all 97 of them.  I could never choose favorites, but you have!   These are the most popular blog post since starting the blog a year ago!

Most popular Posts for Girls on the MTME blog

12. How to Improve Your Life Right Now

In this post I share with you how to improve your life. This was a very important post for me because I announced my very first E-Book, “The Happy Self Improvement Workbook,” an interactive Workbook that helps you improve every part of you life by breaking it down into 8 categories and helping you asking yourself those necessary questions.  It also helps you set achievable goals that will improve your life.  I worked so hard on that E-book and it’s helped me greatly in my own life.  Read post here!

11. Don’t Wait Any Longer to Live Your Life

I had just turned 20 and I was inspired to write this post. Read post here!

10. 21 Day Positivity Challenge- A Happy More Positive Life In 21 Days


Yay! My first challenge.  I challenged you, and myself to be positive for a month.  I even put together a Workbook to help you along the way to follow the prompts on the calendar.  I was so thrilled when you guys participated.  The challenge truly changed my life for the better and I hope it did the same for you.  Read post here!

9. How To Be Beautiful

I loved this post because it was the first collaboration I’d ever done on this blog. Each lovely lady shared their thoughts on beauty and answered the question, “How to Be Beautiful?”    I got together 11 ladies that inspire me like Gypsylovinglight, Kisforkani, Caitlin Miers, and Keisha Charmaine, and their responses were truly inspirational. Read post here!  

8. 30 Goal Ideas for 2016 (Free Goal Setting Printable)

This post was written a few days before the New Year, 2016.  I was putting together some goals for myself for the new year and I thought I’d share with you some ideas. Read post here!

7. 21 Awesome Summer Songs – Summer Fun Playlist

We don’t call it Muzic To My Ears for nothing!  In this post I share some summer songs I was loving.  Some current and some super vintage, but they all give you that summer vibe. Read post here!

6. Earth Day- How to Take Care of The Environment


I believe this was the 2nd post I’d ever written on this blog.  I randomly found out it was earth day and had to write something.  I love the earth, I love nature, so I wanted to put something together in honor of that.  My mom played photographer that day and we enjoyed the great outdoors. Read post here!

5. Life Lessons That Can Be Learned from Teenage Life


I wrote this on October 5, my last moments as a teenager, I would turn 20 in 5 days.  I wanted to reflect on teenage life and my life up until that point.  This post was really special to me because I was a little afraid to turn 20, reflecting on the past gave me the strength to look forward to the future. Read post here!

4. Finding a Positive Self-image – Look in the Mirror

In this post, I ask the question, “when you look in the mirror, what do you see?”  I also vulnerably tell you what I used to see when I looked in the mirror.  This post was written in February, the month of self love on the MTME Blog.  Read post here!  This post also has a video that was inspired by it, watch it here


3. My Life List- A New Kind of Bucket List

This was my very first post! I had spent days creating this blog and it was time to write my first post.  I worked on it for hours.  I thought to myself, If life had no limits, what would I do, and so I came up with my life list; a list of hopes, dreams, and things that terrified me.  I’m actually going to be updating the post so and changing the concept up a bit so stay tuned!


2. Why Be Her When You Can Be You

I adored this post!  It was written in February and the theme of the month was self love.  I talk about comparing yourself to other girls and what society deems beautiful.  I share how I too have compared myself to others without even knowing it.  The biggest joy and pleasure of life is getting to be yourself! Read post here!

1. 10 Things to Do to Show Yourself Love

In this post, I share with you 10 things you can do to show yourself love.  I had just come back from a digital detox.  I unplugged from social media and took some much-needed time for myself.  Apparently it was well worth it because it ended up becoming by far the most popular MTME post!  Self love is so important!  I believe it should be a woman’s priority!  I’m happy you think so too! Read post here!

It was such a joy going back and reading all of the most popular posts for girls on the MTME Blog.  Oh how I’ve grown and changed and in little ways, you guys have helped me do that.   Thank you all for this beautiful year! I’ve loved saying it at the end of every post and so I’ll say it again, live a life that’s muzic to your ears!



Zoe Joy

Zoe Joy Black

The Muzic To My Ears Lifestyle blog was created by a young free spirited girl in the pursuit of happiness. I love sharing life’s many adventures here on this blog. The Muzic To My Ears lifestyle was inspired by my own personal growth, and my desire to continue growing as well as inspiring others to do the same.

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About Zoe Joy Black

The Muzic To My Ears Lifestyle blog was created by a young free spirited girl in the pursuit of happiness. I love sharing life’s many adventures here on this blog. The Muzic To My Ears lifestyle was inspired by my own personal growth, and my desire to continue growing as well as inspiring others to do the same.
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