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Muzic To My Ears, What does it mean? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “music to my ears”, by definition; it’s something that is pleasant or gratifying to hear or discover. Imagine a life that’s the epitome of this saying! The MTME blog is all about the path of discovery and having fun along the way. This isn’t one of those “perfect” blogs where I pretend my life is flawless. This is a fun place where we talk Life, Self-love, and Self-discovery.


Why Hello there, I’m Zoë Joy. The “z” in “muzic”


Who am I? I’m just a girl that’s been through ups, downs, and merry-go-rounds. I was a girl who had dreams that burned in her eyes but let self-doubt and fear keep her from them. I was a girl who felt lost and didn’t know where her life was going. One day, I felt tired of living a life I hated and  I wrote a list filled with 100+ things I wanted to do in my life and I have vowed to do them one by one! (Check out the list HERE) Now I choose to be a girl that doesn’t care what people think, pushes past fear, and encourages others to do the same!  I love sharing life’s many adventures here on this blog, hula hooping, and traveling to new places. The Muzic To My Ears blog was inspired by my own self-discovery journey, and my desire to continue growing as well as inspiring others to do the same.

How did I go from fearful and lost to happy and daring? It’s kind of a funny story actually… Somewhere on my path to self-discovery, I picked up a hula hoop and it changed my life. I know what your thinking, a hula hoop? I know! But after I started hooping I became much more open, happy, and  FREE! I go outside and dance with my hula hoop and I don’t care who’s watching. It’s the most freeing thing in the world to stop holding back and just live in your truth.  This to me is the meaning of the phrase “music to my ears”! I want everyone to experience this kind of freedom!

Through my muzical journey to self-discovery, I have learned that I’m not perfect, and it’s stupid to try to be!  Sometimes I feel fear, and it’s fine as long as I don’t let it stop me. I believe we can learn and grow from being vulnerable and sharing our stories, and that’s what I do on this blog.  No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, this blog is written for you with love. It’s a place of refuge, a collection of inspiration, a cluster of creative expression, a storybook filled with never ending adventures. Muzic to my ears is my story and the story of other muzical girls.

 Join me on this path to self-love, happiness, and self-discovery.

Whew… Ok. You’ve learned what we’re about here at the Muzic to My Ears blog. Now it’s time for you to get out there and live a life that’s Muzic to your ears!

Muzic is a metaphor for life so let’s make it loud, fun, happy, and free!


Zoe Joy


My first post on this blog was Discovery List, it’s also MTME’s most popular blog post. It was a list dedicated to the path of self-discovery, trying new things, and breaking out of your comfort zone. I wrote down 100+ things I want to do in my life and slowly but surely I’m doing them! I encourage you to write your own discovery list and find out just how amazing you truly are! The discovery list helps you to push past fear, love yourself, and find yourself! Here are some of the topics we cover here at MTME!

Here are some of the topics we cover here at MTME!


Look upon life as an adventure. An adventure to self-discovery!  We talk Learning, growing, dreaming, and discovering the treasure within!

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Mind Body & Spirit

You are one pretty thang, inside and out. Invigorate your mind, Nourish your body, Inspire your spirit!

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Follow my personal adventures as well as the adventures of other muzical girls. Feed your wanderlust!

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Stay inspired with music, quotes, inspiring imagery, and lifestyle tips!

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Hula Hooping

We can’t forget the hula hoop! Learn how this former child’s toy can improve your health, make you happier, and set your spirit free!

Follow my personal adventures.

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