How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone (With Video)

How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

I recently made a video talking about breaking the rules. It was about how I wanted to take a new direction with this blog. I’ll be talking more about that soon! Until then, you can watch the video here. This idea of breaking the rules lead me to the comfort zone. I could give you a detailed description of what a comfort zone is why they keep us stuck but I don’t feel that’s necessary. All you need to know is that they’re annoying little mind sets that keep us stuck and unable to live the lives we want.

A comfort zone is like a circle of protection. Often when we feel like we’re coming to the point of breaking out of our comfort zone, we run. But sometimes that little uncomfortable step could be the best thing we could ever do. I love the quote, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” by Neale Donald Walsch. It’s so true! Every happiness can be found in taking a chance on life. We spend so much time protecting ourselves, we forget the reason we were put on this earth, to live!

Can you relate to what I’m saying? Do you ever wish you could break out of your comfort zone? Well you can! And it’s not as hard as you think! There are three things you can do, actually! I’m currently  doing them in my life! I wouldn’t tell you to do something I’m not doing myself!  I lived life far too long in a bubble. My comfort zone was the size of hula hoop. Speaking of a hula hoop, a hoop is actually one of the main things helping me beak out of my comfort zone! (video below)  Here are 3 actionable tips that can help you break out of your comfort zone!

How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

1.Do Things That Make You Uncomfortable

Wait! Don’t go! I know, doing something that makes you uncomfortable goes against the rules of our comfort zones, but that’s the point! Uncomfortably breaks you out of your place of safety. I know I said that it’s not as hard as you think, and that’s true. Something you’re afraid to do looks way more daunting than it actually is! That’s how fear works to keep you stuck in the same place.  Oh, that reminds me! I have to tell you about the hula hoop; it’s actually the inspiration behind this post! A few months ago, I came across hooping and I wanted to give it a try, it just looked like so much fun! I ended up meeting a girl that was a hooper, and she taught me. Two months later, we become fast friends and I’m now a hooping fanatic!

So, you may be asking, “what does this have to do with comfort zones?” Hello! I’m a grown woman with a hula hoop! It was uncomfortable! But, I loved it so much, I kept pushing past my nerves and I’ve grown outside of my comfort zone tremendously! (You can see this grown woman hooping in the video below :))  So, now it’s your turn to find something that makes you a little uncomfortable! It helps if you experience a level of enjoyment when you do it! Find a fun new hobby that puts you out there! When you get comfortable with your new hobby, you know that you’re growing out of your comfort zone, and it’s time to get a little uncomfortable again and find a new hobby!

2. Stop Caring What Other People Think

Okay, so now we’re doing things that make us uncomfortable; the main reason we’re uncomfortable is because we care what people think about us. We build up a case against ourselves of how we look to others! But let me tell you a secret! Unless you’re a psychic, you never know exactly what someone thinks about you, which should make you feel less inclined to impress people. People often either don’t care, think positively of you, or they think negatively of you. The problem in our minds is, WHICH ONE IS IT! What do they think? What’s their opinion? Why couldn’t I have been born with psychic powers!?

But thankfully, we will never know, so why waste precious energy on that instead of actually enjoying your life? When I first started hooping, I was extremely self conscious! With every person that passed by me, I tried to channel their brain waves to divine what they were thinking, but sadly I couldn’t! As I went on hooping, I entered my own little hooping world; it became less about people and more about enjoying the moment.  I get many different reactions from people that see me hooping. Some stare, some point, and some worry that I’ll hit them (it only happened once okay)!

There’s one reaction I get that’s my favorite. It’s actually the reaction I get most often. A smile. My silly hooping can put a smile on someones face. Some people come up to me for a conversation, some commend me on being such a free spirit (ha, if only you knew buddy)! Some even want me to teach them. I remember I was hooping with my friend at a music event and dozens of children and parents came and hooped with us. I couldn’t be uncomfortable, I was too busy having fun teaching kids and dancing to the music. That day taught me a great lesson; when you take your eyes off of yourself for a second and stop wondering what others think about you, you can actually put that energy outward and give to others, but that’s a whole other blog post!

3. Just Be You

Through doing all these wacky activities and not caring about other people’s opinions, you build something that is invaluable; you’re identity! You’re growing into the happy fearless person you’ve always wanted to be! To be yourself, is the greatest privilege you can ever have. No one is quite like you! To break out of your comfort zone, just be the person you want to be! Just live life the way you want to live it. It takes courage to be you! You have to push past fear to really live life.

So breaking out of your comfort zone isn’t just a magical thing, it’s a daily choice to do things that make you uncomfortable, stop caring what people think, and just be you!

Live a life that’s muzic to your ears!


Zoe Joy

Watch the How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone Video And Watch This Crazy Girl Hoop!


Zoe Joy Black

The Muzic To My Ears Lifestyle blog was created by a young free spirited girl in the pursuit of happiness. I love sharing life’s many adventures here on this blog. The Muzic To My Ears lifestyle was inspired by my own personal growth, and my desire to continue growing as well as inspiring others to do the same.

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About Zoe Joy Black

The Muzic To My Ears Lifestyle blog was created by a young free spirited girl in the pursuit of happiness. I love sharing life’s many adventures here on this blog. The Muzic To My Ears lifestyle was inspired by my own personal growth, and my desire to continue growing as well as inspiring others to do the same.
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