The goal of this blog is to inspire and empower!  Muzic To My Ears loves collaborations with bloggers, artists, photographers, designers, musicians and brands big and small to share the gift of creativity. There are a few ways to get featured on this blog that I will be highlighting below:

1. You can collaborate with me for blog product placement, promotion on my social media accounts, and giveaways or contests.

2. You can have your product, venue, or brand reviewed

3. You can guest blog or blog swap with me

4. You can have your music, photography, or art featured in an inspiration post 

5.  Muzic to My Ears readers can be featured for using this blog’s hashtag, #mtmelife

If you have other ideas for collaborations (ie. photo shoots or sponsorships please feel free to contact me.

Let’s make muzic together! or visit this blog’s contact page.


You can have your item featured in a lookbook (styled outfit pictures) or home decor post. We can discuss collaborations and product placement. I accept clothes, accessories, home decor, beauty products and more for features.  Please note that not all inquires will be featured on this blog as they must fit my blog’s aesthetic; also I only accept non cruelty and vegan products.  If I think your products are a good fit for this blog, I will select the products that I would like featured. This ensures that we’re both happy with the trade.

After receiving your product, it will be featured in blog posts and on my social media sites as soon as possible. You will always receive credit for your products with links and tags on social media. I also ask that you credit and tag me as you share blog pictures or blog post links.

Product, Brand, or Venue Reviews

If you would like your product, venue, or brand reviewed by this blog please note that I will give my honest opinion to ensure that my readers get true information. While inquiring to be featured, I will assess if your request is a good fit for this blog. I only want to feature things I truly believe in. In exchange for the product, paid promotion, or free invitation to your venue, I will write a review and promote on social media. Paid promotions are accepted to keep this blog going but my review of the product will still be honest.

Blog Swaps and Guest Bloggers

If you have a how to, DIY, beauty, recipe, fitness, or health post in mind that you think fits this blog, I’d love to collaborate! Please specify if you would like to swap blogs or guest post. I will have to overview the post before it is placed on this blog to ensure that the content is suitable.

General Features

Featuring your photography or music  on this blog does not involve trades, this is merely featured content on blog posts of my choice. This blog prides itself on inspiration! Send your music or original art and photographs and they may be featured with full credit to the artist. For music, I  feature a song of the week every Monday that I love and find inspiring. For art and photography, your work will be featured in inspiration posts like poems and how to’s.

Reader Features

Readers of Muzic To My Ears can be featured on this blog for inspiration posts.  You can also be featured on MTME’s  social media! All you have to do is use hashtag #mtmelife and share your muzical life with others! My favorite pictures will be randomly featured in inspiration posts and your social media account will be linked.

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